It’s all about how we get into people minds and lives

About Us

We are a full service independent agency, founded in 2006, developing both above the line and below the line activities.
We are a group of passionate advertising and marketing professionals. We came from both side of the road client and agency. We are backed up by our success stories in sales, advertising, PR, marketing that started from 1992 in both national and international companies.

Our Services

Strategy – It’s all about how we get into people minds and lives.
  • Integrated campaigns – We tell the brand’s story all the way.
  • Consumer Activations – We make your brand to be remember! Direct contact in an emotional, involving way with the consumer.
  • Trade Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Events – Everything is in details. Next day they will talk about it
  • Indoor Locations
  • Decorations
  • Prepress Services ( Public Relations – we deliver news, advices and opinions on the public relations, marketing, social media and media worlds)
  • Productions Services ( Print, Production, Audio-Video multimedia, Web design)

What we believe

  • We believe in story, in fairy tale, princes and princesses. We have been telling brand stories for more than 4 years and we convince also our partners to believe in it and together we made the story happen.
  • We believe that advertising is worth the money if it’s bring the value back for the brand and client
  • We believe that great ideas are generated by the ability to respond creatively to sharp insights. One good idea can propel a brand for years.
  • We believe that ideas are the fuel
  • We believe that creativity is the most powerful force in business
  • We believe in people and work for the people